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Waterproof digital cameras are the ideal travel companion for all types of trips and holidays. Not only for watersports holidays but for general use also. How many times have you been on wild party nights out and wanted to take photos but have been scared of damaging your camera from beer or cocktail spillage?
Don’t miss those essential party photos, buy an all weather camera built to withstand the elements (and crazy partys) today.

Probably the first thing to decide is are you looking for a waterproof digital camera or an underwater digital camera? It is important to understand that the two items are not always the same. You need to compare what is offered by each type of camera and then decide which is best to suit your requirements.

Waterproof Digital Camera – Explanation

Waterproof digital cameras are exactly that – water proof, in the same way that your car is waterproof when all the doors and windows are closed, that of course does not mean that your car can be driven underwater – unless your name is James Bond.

To be more precise, a waterproof digital camera is usually a fully weather resistant, robust & sturdy camera and is ideal for outdoor sports photography as they are usually shockproof as well. They can usually also be used underwater to a depth of 3 Metres. This type of camera is perfectly suitable for taking photographs while swimming and even for snorkelling – a great example of such a camera is the Kodak Easyshare Sport C123 which we feature. They are however, not suitable for scuba diving where the photographer will often dive to depths of 30 or 40 metres or even more. For deep diving camera equipment the price will be slightly higher and we explain more about these cameras here.

The big advantage of waterproof digital cameras over underwater digital cameras as that they dont require the underwater housing case to completely seal the digital camera inside. This means that they are usually small enough to fit into a pocket and be used in or out of the water with ease. Almost all digital cameras now also have a video mode meaning that they can be used as a movie camera as well as just a still pictures camera. Some popular manufacturers of these type of all round sports cameras include Pentax Olympus Nikon Sanyo and of course Canon.

For our range of fully underwater digital cameras and cases which are more suitable for deep diving to 40 metres or more then please visit our dedicated page at: Underwater Digital Camera

We have recently aquired an Underwater Case Panasonic DMW-MCTZ7 for the Panasonic Lumix DCM TZ6 TZ65 and TZ7 range so will report back in the performance when we have used it.

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